Not only do you look like a complete badass in the upcoming PS4 Ghost of Tsushima but you can also act like one too. According to creative director Jason Connell, the game features a dedicated Chiburi button which will let players clean the blood off their swords. In addition, the main character also cleans it himself when standing still for a while.

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Jason explained that just as seen in the gameplay video released the other day, there’s a function button that lets players stow and draw their sword. If there’s blood on the sword while putting it away, the main character will do one of the cool flick-like actions to clean it.

“There’s also an automatic one if you’re standing around for quite a while, he’ll automatically stow it. So, we have kind of both. I think there’s actually even in some of the flourishes of melee combat, he’ll just do a quick one.”

This action is known as Chiburi and fits the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima perfectly. Every time you spill some blood, you will have to clean your sword before putting it away else the holder will get all nasty-like. Not, really but logically thinking, that would happen in real life.

You can catch up on the latest gameplay from the game down below and find out more here. Ghost of Tsushima is out on 17 July 2020 only on PS4.

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