Ghost of Tsushima: Legends and New Game+ Arrives 16 October

Sucker Punch announced that the anticipated co-op expansion for Ghost of TsushimaLegends” is set to arrive on 16 October 2020. In addition, the studio plans on releasing a massive update for the base game which adds new features as well as reworks the charm system.


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When it comes to Ghost of Tsushima Legends, the free update is huge and brings a whole new gameplay experience to the game. Inspired by Japanese mythology, Legends sees players take on mission-based and survival levels in teams. There’s also a raid planned for the months ahead.

Legends features two-player story missions as well as four-player survival missions. According to the PlayStation Blog, once installed, players will find a new character across the main game named Gyozen the Storyteller.  He is the NPC that fills you in on what is going on in his homeland. Or what he claims is going on. Players then get transported away to a dark world filled with monsters and yokai.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

Ghost of Tsushima Legends includes a range of player classes you can choose from when participating in missions. Each class has its own unique combat approach. In addition, players need to unlock these classes as they play the game. Upon completion of the first tutorial, you are able to unlock one class.

Classes include the following;

  • Samurai – Fast and balanced. Can use the Hachiman’s Fury ultimate ability to slash through enemies in a flurry of attacks
  • Hunter – Ranged character who snipes enemies from the distance and uses explosive arrives to slow down groups. Their Eye of Uchitsune ultimate attack unleashed multiple arrows straight at their enemies’ heads
  • Ronin – The healer. He can use Breath of the Izanami to revive his downed teammates. The Ronin class can also summon a Spirit Dog to help fight in battle
  • Assassin – He can teleport across the battlefield and directly strike his enemies using Shadow Strike. He also gets some cool masks to wear


It sounds like Ghost of Tsushima Legends is all about loot. As player complete story missions and survive endless waves of baddies, they earn gear and items to use across their characters. These items come in sets and rarities making the grind for better gear a key element in the game. The expansion is also microtransaction free as all gear including weapons and cosmetics are obtained by playing.

Sucker Punch claims the Raid when it arrives later this year is a 4-player activity that requires your best gear, excellent teamwork and communication to overcome. It is a three-part activity that presents the toughest challenge yet in the game.

Apart from Ghost of Tsushima Legends, Sucker Punch is also releasing the version 1.1 update that comes with a load of new content for the main game. This includes New Game+, a new Ghost Flower Merchant as well as an armour loadout feature. This allows players to put together sets of gear which they can easily swap to at any time.

All this content arrives on 16 October 2020 for PS4 and is absolutely free for all owners of the game. Take a look at some gameplay down below;

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