Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is a Free Co-Op Expansion Coming Soon

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is a new online co-op multiplayer experience coming to Ghost of Tsushima later this year. According to Darren Bridges, senior game designer at Sucker Punch Productions, the expansion is an entirely new experience and separate mode. It does not follow Jin or his companions from the main game.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends focuses on four warriors who have been built up as legends in the stories told by the people of Tsushima. While the main game focuses on the open-world island, Legends is a “haunting and fantastical” experience featuring enemies and locations inspired by Japanese folk tales and mythology. In addition, while the main game focused on single-play gameplay, this new expansion is all about co-op.

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[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#F56E2F” class=”” size=”21″]We designed Legends to be an exclusively cooperative gameplay experience. You’ll be able to partner up with friends or via online matchmaking and play Legends in groups of 2-4 players. Each player can choose from one of four different character classes: the Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, or Assassin. Each class has unique advantages and abilities that we’ll reveal in the future.[/perfectpullquote]

In Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, two players can play a series of co-op story missions in Legends. These chapters increase in difficulty as you progress. In addition, the overall gameplay features a new magical twist. The same can be said in the four-player missions. Players can take on wave-based survival missions while fighting groups of tough enemies. These include the new Oni enemies with supernatural powers.

A four-player raid is also coming to Ghost of Tsushima: Legend shortly after launch. This tough challenge will send players into a new realm to fight a brutal new enemy.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#77F52F” class=”” size=”21″]It’s been so rewarding to see the amazing reactions from all of you as you play through Ghost of Tsushima. We’ve been watching so many of you stream your playthroughs, and can’t wait to open up this new way for all of us to play together! We’re happy to offer this mode completely free to Ghost of Tsushima owners as a thank you to our players, and we look forward to hearing what you think [/perfectpullquote]

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is set to launch later this year.

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