Ghost of Tsushima Development Updates Sucker Punch

Ghost of Tsushima Movie Director Wants Full Japanese Cast and Language

Ghost of Tsushima is one of many video games Sony is currently adapting into a live-action format. John Wick director Chad Stahelski was tapped to direct the project, but wants to keep it as authentic as possible to the time period, people and location. The new movie will likely feature an all-Japanese cast and will also feature spoken Japanese.

Speaking to Collider, Stahelski talked about his ambitions for the live-action Ghost of Tsushima movie, stating that Sony is giving him the creative freedom to make it authentic. The game features a wide cast of characters outside of protagonist Jin Sakai, including the antagonistic Mongols, so attention is being given to the casting of these actors.

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Stahelski’s full statement on making Ghost of Tsushima an authentic adaptation of Sucker Punch’s beloved PlayStation exclusive reads:

“I think if we did this right, it would be visually stunning. It’s character driven. It’s got an opportunity for great action, great looks. And honestly, we’d to try to do it, all in character. Meaning, it’s a Japanese thing about the Mongols invading Tsushima island. A complete Japanese cast, in Japanese. Sony is so on board with backing us on that.

I’ve been going to Japan since I was 16. I have a love of the country, love of the people, love of the language. To try to direct not only in my language, but someone else’s and culturally shift my mindset to bring apart that in a cool way that still entices a Western audience.”

As of writing, the Ghost of Tsushima movie currently does not have a lead actor or key cast members. Fans are championing for Jin motion capture and voice actor Daisuke Tsuji to take on the role as he is already a seasoned actor outside of video games.

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Source: Collider

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