Ghost of Tsushima Review Embargo and Dynamic Title Screen Revealed
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If you are waiting for a Ghost of Tsushima review to go live before you pre-order it then you still have a while to wait. Yesterday, media all around the world were able to share the fact that they have been playing the upcoming PS4 exclusive. Along with the intention to review social media posts, we were able to share just when the Ghost of Tsushima review embargo drops. Reviews will go live on 14 July 2020 at 16:00 SAT / 07:00 am PT. This is just a few days before the game launches on 17 July 2020.

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Along with the review embargo, the game’s dynamic title screen was revealed too. It seems that as you progress the game, the opening menu changes. These changes can be seen in the image down below. It seems the Ghost of Tsushima title screen starts with just one blade, then another is added and lastly, a Shinobi mask is seen dangling from the hilt.

Ghost of Tsushima Review Embargo

If you want to see what the title screen looks like active, check it out down below;

Mark your calendars for 14 July 2020 as we wait to see what the critics say about this upcoming PS4 exclusive. Given the fact that Ghost of Tsushima is a new IP, there is a lot gambling on the success of the game. It is also the first time Sucker Punch, the makers of the inFamous series has worked on something as ambitious as this open-world RPG. You can watch the latest trailer down below and catch up on an extensive look at the gameplay below that.






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