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Ghost of Tsushima Sequel ‘Ghost of Ikishima’ Set For July Reveal on PS5

Sony is set to announce a standalone, mini-sequel to Ghost of Tsushima next month called Ghost of Ikishima. This is according to a new set of rumours circling the internet this morning. Keep in mind that while this is a rumour and you should tread carefully, the leaker is well known for his accurate information in the past.

According to Xboxera co-founder Shpeshal_Nick, Sony is apparantly is getting ready to announce the game during its 8 July PS5 Showcase event. Remember, the one that would act as its E3 2021 reveal event. 


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So far, it sounds like Ghost of Ikishima is going to be roughly the same size as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and act as a sort of expansion experience to Ghost of Tsushima. The game will reportedly release as a standalone experience. One big thing to note here is that Ghost of Ikishima is set to release on both PS5 and PS4. However, the game might also release alongside a dedicated PS5 update for the original game too.

We don’t know much about Ghost of Ikishima at this point and while you should be cautious regarding this reveal, it makes a lot of sense. Sony is trying to expand the PS5 library by offering a range of games that tie into its original IPs. This means releasing a smaller expansion-like sequel to Ghost of Tsushima would make sense. In addition, the game’s cross-gen PS4 and PS5 release mean there’s something new for both worlds to enjoy.

We also know that Sucker Punch is still quite dedicated to the Ghost Of Tsushima series. The developer released a rather robust multiplayer expansion for free last year that included co-op modes and a raid. There’s also a Ghost of Tsushima movie in development at PlayStation Productions.

So far, everything is pointing to an 8 July reveal for this Ghost of Ikishima game. We are going to have to be patient and wait to see what Sony has up its sleeves then.


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