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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Under Fire for Ridiculous Number of Microtransactions

Microtransactions in 2019 are nothing new. Games have them, we have to deal with them and if you don’t want them, you have to either look like a clown compared to your friends that spend money on them or just grind your life away to unlock things you can pay for with real money. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint seems to be pushing the limit when it comes to microtransactions and has been criticised for its excessive use of them. Ubisoft seems to have disregarded all issues on the topic and pushed the feature in its latest shooter.

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The game launches tomorrow for those who have not purchased the Ultimate Edition but those who have access to it have been snapping photos of the sheer range of items on sale. In the game’s defence, there is a lot of cosmetic items for sale through coins in the store and most of the items can be bought with Ghost Coins.

The issue here is the fact that during the beta process of the game, these purchasable items were simply labelled “locked” so players could not guess how and what they would have to spend money on to get the item. According to the images on Reddit, Ghost Recon Breakpoint features microtransactions for the following;

  • Melee weapons
  • skill points
  • Weapon upgraded
  • Bundles with guns
  • Bundles that contain blueprints to make guns
  • Bundle with attachments for guns
  • Individual guns and attachments
  • cosmetics
    • Armour
    • Backpacks
    • Tattoos
    • emotes
    • Gear camo and paint
  • Battle point boosters

The store in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is massive and contains a load of purchasable items which go beyond the usual cosmetic variants. Sure, you could grind to unlock these as most of the items are found in the game but taking over a base or sneaking into a compound to find them in a box, but you could also spend a few thousand on unlocking them instantly.

If this was a PvP game, then perhaps the ability to purchase weapons would be an issue. However, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint also features a PvP mode where you can take the weapons you have with you into the fight thus questioning Ubisoft’s decision to have these sold in the store. Then again, all player’s power levels are balanced in this PvP mode so there is no advantage to owning the weapon, other than having a better all-around gun than the rest of the team.

As for the skill points, this is another issue players are having. You can either play the game and hunt these down or purchase them with a “time saver” pack. The game seems to also be designed to make skill points harder to earn the further you get into it thus pushing players towards the store to save them time. We don’t know if Ubisoft plans on tweaking this as of yet.

Ubisoft is releasing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One and PC. We will have a review up for the game early next week.

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