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Ghost Recon Frontline Cancelled at Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s live-service, free-to-play 100-player battle royale based on the Ghost Recon series has been cancelled. The game was announced last year and suffered from some harsh feedback from gamers. Ubisoft hyped up its announcement even as a sort of celebration of the video game series but instead of announcing something new and exciting, Ghost Recon Frontline ended up being what everyone dreaded –  a cliche free-to-play game with the potential to be a heavily monetized game with live-service elements.

Ghost Recon Frontline has been in development for some time already. The game even underwent a closed beta test in recent months. It would follow 100 players on a battlefield where they would fight enemies and other players to secure intel. This intel then had to be extracted from the map while facing off against even more enemies and players. The game featured a so-called “advanced class system, unbound tactical freedom and strategic gameplay with multiple ways to outsmart your enemy teams and win every fight”.

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Ghost Recon Frontline was being developed for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The game was supposedly built on “core Ghost Recon values” but fans didn’t see it that way. The backlash to the game’s announcement was as clear as day and it there was no beating around the bush that players simply hated it right from the moment Ubisoft said “free-to-play battle royale” in its announcement stream.

Ubisoft announced that the game has officially been cancelled. During its investor call, the company claimed that all work on the project has been stopped. In addition, Ubisoft also confirmed that its upcoming Splinter Cell VR game has also been cancelled.

This knocks out one of the many free-to-play live service games Ubisoft is currently working on. The studio still has a handful of games in development that aim to act as gold mines for the company. However, so far everything they announce gets heavily criticized by fans. One other project still in the works is Ubisoft’s XDefiant. This is another free-to-play shooter based on the Ghost Recon series. Ubisoft hasn’t shared details on this game since its reveal last year. The company is also working on The Division Heartland, yet another free-to-play game based on The Division series.

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