Ghostwire: Tokyo Includes Six Graphical Modes on PS5

"Out 25 March for PS4, PS5 and PC"

Ghostwire Tokyo March 2022 Video game Releases
Ghostwire: Tokyo Includes Six Graphical Modes on PS5

Ghostwire: Tokyo is set to release soon for PS5, PA4 and PC and Tango Gameworks is determined to make the experience as versatile as possible when it comes to the graphical modes. The developer seems set on providing the perfect array of options to choose from and players can decide between six graphics modes in the game on PS5. This is the most we have seen in a game to date.

According to media who got early hands-on with the game during a preview event, Ghostwire: Tokyo’s graphics modes cater to those who love the performance, visual fidelity and those who want the best of both worlds.

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The six graphics modes in Ghostwire: Tokyo include:

Ghostwire: Tokyo Graphics Modes

  • Quality Mode – Capped at 30FPS (resolution TBC) and includes visual features including raytracing and other graphical enhancements.
  • Performance Mode – Capped at 60FPS. Includes no raytracing and removes some visual enhancements. Runs at a lower resolution than Quality Mode.
  • High Frame-Rate Quality Mode – The same as the standard Quality Mode but this mode removes the 30FPS frame rate cap so the game may run higher than 30FPS where possible.
  • High Frame-Rate Performance Mode – Similar to Performance Mode. Targets 60FPS but is able to go higher where possible.
  • High Frame-Rate Quality Mode With V-Sync – The same as High Frame-Rate Quality Mode but aims to reduce screen tearing
  • High Frame-Rate Performance Mode With V-Sync – The same as High Frame Rate Performance Mode but aims to reduce screen tearing where possible.

By the sound of things, Tango Gameworks wants players to play Ghostwire: Tokyo on the V-Sync modes to avoid any possible screen tearing that may occur during intense scenes. Keep in mind that the demo build was also an early preview so perhaps the developer has ironed out most of the screen tearing issues by now.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is set to launch on 25 March 2022 for PS4, PS5 and PC. Catch up on the latest gameplay video down below.

Source: MP1st

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