Ghostwire Tokyo March 2022 Video game Releases

Ghostwire: Tokyo is Coming to Xbox Game Pass With New Content

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the action-horror game from The Evil Within developer Tango Gameworks, is officially coming to Xbox Game Pass on 12 April, a year after it launched as a timed console exclusive to PS5. In addition to its Game Pass launch, Ghostwire: Tokyo will also receive new content in the form of The Spider’s Thread update which aims to add more areas to the game, a new mode, quality of life improvements and more.

The Spider’s Thread update for Ghostwire: Tokyo will arrive on 12 April on the same day it releases on Game Pass. The update will also be available for free to PS5 and PC owners. As for what players can expect in this massive update, the main game will now feature extended cutscenes that offer a deeper look into Akito and KK’s bizarre adventure. A new roguelike game mode will also be added where players must navigate 30 stages and over 130 levels, defeating enemies along the way. if the player dies, they reset and return to the beginning.

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New enemies will be added in The Spider’s Thread update including “the invisible Silent Gaze or elusive Retribution.” Akito will come equipped with new abilities as well to combat the new foes such as “Charge Rush and devastating Counter Attack.”

An updated Photo Mode will also arrive in the update. Bethesda explains:

“Use in-game Meika to unlock figures at capsule machines scattered throughout Tokyo to unlock game models that you can even use in Photo Mode for supernatural selfies.”

Finally, a new haunted middle school area will be added to the game for players to explore and possibly encounter some of these new enemies.

Ghostwire: Tokyo originally launched on PS5 and PC in March 2022 to positive reviews though many felt the story and gameplay didn’t live up to its superb art direction, creatviely creepy enemies and original concepts. Nonetheless, it was still called a memorable experience and quite unique. You can read our full review right here.

Ghostwire: Tokyo comes to Xbox Series X/S via Game Pass on 12 April.

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