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Ghostwire: Tokyo Listed for Xbox on Bethesda’s Office Wall

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the newest action game from The Evil Within developer Tango Gameworks, has been listed for Xbox in a very peculiar location: Bethesda’s office wall. The game originally released earlier this year as a PS5 console exclusive (as well as PC), but similar to Deathloop, will likely remain an exclusive for a year before landing on Microsoft’s platform.

As spotted by Twitter user Klobrille, a recent article showcasing Bethesda’s London office revealed images of large wall murals featuring a number of Bethesda games, including Ghostwire: Tokyo. The art piece, interestingly enough, mentions the game as an Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC title.

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Of course, Bethesda and Xbox have yet to officially confirm that Ghostwire: Tokyo will be arriving on Xbox Series X/S, but it’s safe to assume that it will hit Xbox Game Pass in March 2023, exactly a year after the game’s release.

Ghostwire: Tokyo launched this year to mostly positive reviews. It follows the story of Akito, a man who witnesses a strange supernatural event take place in Tokyo that results in Japanese creatures from urban myths and folklore flooding the streets of the city. Akito teams up with another spirit to cleanse the evil invading threat.

Unlike The Evil Within series, Ghostwire: Tokyo leans more heavily into action instead of horror, though still features some horror elements. Players experience the game through a first-person perspective and use a number of spells and magical abilities to defeat foes, including stealth.

Before Xbox acquired Bethesda and ZeniMax, PlayStation signed a one-year exclusivity deal with Bethesda that resulted in both Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo being PS5 console exclusives, at least for a year. Despite purchasing Bethesda, Xbox honoured the agreement to keep both titles as PS5 exclusives before they would inevitably arrive on Xbox Game Pass.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is currently available for PS5 and PC. Expect it to arrive on Xbox Series X/S in March 2023.

Source: Klobrille

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