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Ghostwire: Tokyo Runs Worse on Xbox Than PS5 Says Report

Ghostwire: Tokyo recently arrived on Xbox Series X/S via Xbox Game Pass after spending a year of being a timed console exclusive on PS5 (it also released on PC last year). The game’s arrival on Xbox also marked the announcement of new DLC for the game so Xbox players were seemingly getting more than they bargained for. However, a new analysis by Digital Foundry suggests that Ghostwire: Tokyo runs considerably worse on Xbox than it did on PS5.

According to Digital Foundry’s Oliver Mackenzie who recently spoke on a DF Direct podcast episode, Ghostwire: Tokyo has some problems running smoothly on Xbox Series X/S. A full breakdown video will arrive soon but enough details were mentioned about the game’s poor performance on Xbox in the podcast. “In general, it runs worse than PlayStation 5, and Series S is a bit of a mess,” said Mackenzie. “So it’s a really weird situation and not really what you would expect from what is now a Microsoft first-party development studio.”

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Mackenzie broke down some of Ghostwire: Tokyo‘s key performance issues on Xbox:

“The ray traced reflections are somewhat lower quality, there are shadow alignment bugs with the ray traced shadows. Resolutions are pretty similar for the most part but the quality mode has a moderately lower resolution than PlayStation 5, it looks like, and performance is typically 5-10% lower than PlayStation 5 [when comparing] the same scene.”

Mackenzie added that Xbox Series S has two graphical modes, Performance and Quality, but neither has options for ray tracing. Performance mode also reportedly runs less than 60FPS.

We’ll have to wait for a full breakdown of Ghostwire: Tokyo‘s Xbox performance issues to really grasp how bad it is, though this isn’t the kind of news Microsoft should be receiving right now. Redfall, the upcoming vampire action game from Deathloop developer Arkane Studios, is also being spotlighted for all the wrong reasons. From IGN’s terrible gameplay presentation to the game only running at 30FPS at launch, it doesn’t instill much confidence.

Source: Digital Foundry

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