Sony Gives Out Free PS4 Theme and Avatar Set to Celebrate God of War Anniversary
God of War Anniversary
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It has been a year since one of the greatest games of this generation released on PS4. God of War no doubt changed the industry in 2018 with its spectacular experience, fantastic storytelling and refreshing direction. The game went on to win Game of the Year in 2018 among hundreds of other industry awards.

To celebrate the game’s first anniversary, Sony will be handing out free goodies to all PS4 owners which you will be able to grab this week. Available now, the first free goodie is a dynamic PS4 theme that shows Kratos and Atreus in the Lake of Nine. On Wednesday 17 April, Sony will release a new PS4 avatar set for God of War which is also free.

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You don’t need to have bought God of War or even played it in order to benefit from these free items. Over on the PlayStation Blog, Shannon Studstill put together a great post about the game and how far it has come since its planning phase to release and then onto winning many, many awards.

In 2015, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of God of War, having started the saga back in 2005. And, so, here we are reflecting on the one year anniversary of a new era for Kratos, now with his son, Atreus. When Cory Barlog first brought us this transformative vision of a father and son embarking on an incredible journey together, a journey to honor a wife and a mother… but also one where a boy would teach his father how to be human again; and the father (Kratos) would teach his son how to be a measured god, we knew we had something special for our fans. Yet, change is hard.

Change to a longstanding franchise comes with immeasurable doubt, a studio defining risk and a huge leap of faith. Thank you to our entire worldwide team; the Sony PlayStation family and you, the millions of God of War fans around the world who embraced that leap with us, on a journey we never expected. We made this journey together.

You can head to the PlayStation Store now and download the theme. On your PS4, open the store, go down to add-ons, themes and you will find it there.






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