God of War Director Teases Cryptic Tweet Sparking Speculation

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God of War Director Teases Cryptic Tweet Sparking Speculation

What could God of War Director Cory Barlog be teasing? Yesterday afternoon, the man behind the 2018 God of War PS4 title began tweeting some rather strange things. It all began with an “N” before the “End Transmission” tweet followed by “SIE”.

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The only thing not in morse code was the “End Transmission” tweet. Cory Barlog also changed his Twitter account profile picture to a satellite, one that looks like it orbits the Earth and his cover photo to stars. The morse code also reads “55HSIE” which many believe could point to a reveal 55 hours after the tweet went live.

Many users also claim the “SIE” could mean Cory may be taking over a head of a department role at Sony Interactive Entertainment after Sony lost two main directors in the past two months ahead of the PS5 reveal next year.

The space them, many believe also ties into N-7 Day which took place yesterday too but we don’t see how it could be related. We all know that Mass Effect has now been canned after the failed launch of Andromeda thanks to EA Games.

Could it be a God of War DLC? Or could it be something related to the PS4 or PS5 version of the game? Who knows but we will update you if anything comes out of this in the hours ahead.

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