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God of War Ragnarok Developer Affirms 2022 Release Date

God of War Ragnarok animation director Bruno Velazquez has reassured fans that the title is still set to release in 2022 responding to fans’ queries over a possible delay to 2023.

Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog recently posted a video asking fans to be patient for news regarding God of War Ragnarok. Numerous fans responded to the video asking about a possible delay to 2023 considering we are nearly halfway through the year and still have yet to receive a release date.

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Bruno, who is the animation director for the upcoming sequel, also shared Barlog’s video and was asked by a fan to “reassure us that it will come this year 100%”. The developer did exactly that and responded to the fan stating “Ragnarok is coming this year”.

Barlog recently posted a video explaining why fans have not heard any updates regarding the title stating:

“Speaking of God of War Ragnarök, the elephant in the room… We haven’t said a lot about this – that’s because everybody is heads down, hard at work.

We are perfectionists. Everyone’s tightening up the graphics on level three, there is so much going on right now that I just wish that we could share it with you, but it’s just not ready to be shown.

But I guarantee you, the moment, the very second that we have something that we’re ready to share, we’re going to share it, because we don’t want to hold any of this back.

So, please hold tight, know that something cool is coming, and that we, everybody here at Santa Monica, is so incredibly thankful for all the support you’ve given us.”

While we do know that things can change in a heartbeat, especially during the current pandemic, it seems that Santa Monica Studios is on track for a 2022 release date for the sequel to the smash-hit 2018 reboot. We suspect that God of War Ragnarok will release in the holiday 2022 window or just a little earlier.

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