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God of War Ragnarok Gets New Game Plus, Level Cap Bump and More

If you’re done with God of War Ragnarok and want to jump into the game for a second run, now can thanks to the New Game Plus mode. Sony Santa Monica released a hefty new patch for the 2022 game which adds NG+ to the experience as well as other cool items and features.

The studio says that players who choose to enter the God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus mode will carry all equipment, weapons and skills over from the previous playthrough. The only things that won’t carry over are the Sonic and Hex arrows which are locked until players rediscover them in their new playthrough.

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Apart from NG+, the update also adds new equipment to God of War Ragnarok. There’s a new Armor of the Black Bear which is Kratos’ cloak from the opening cinematic. There’s also the addition of Ares and Zeus armours from the God of War 2018 NG+ mode.

The Spartan Armour is also now available. This set is designed for players looking for a challenge. It has no perks, no stats and cannot be upgraded. Basically, if you want to experience God of War Ragnarok without any strength boosts, this armour is for you.

Santa Monica Studios has also redesigned 13 of the game’s current armour sets with new colour combinations. This means players can dye them with different styles. These armour sets can be bought at the Huldra Brothers’ Shop.

There’s also a new level cap increase in God of War Ragnarok. Players can convert all their Level 9 equipment into new Level 9+ versions which offer new levels of progression.

Lastly, the update has added new enhancements, new progression paths and some new options to take on during the Niflheim Arena. The studio has also tweaked some of the end-game bosses with new move sets and abilities. This will provide a refreshing fight for players taking on the New Game Plus mode. All this content is now available for God of War Ragnarok.

Here are all the patch notes for the update V4.00 

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