God of War Sequel Teased in Free PS4 Dynamic Theme

Yesterday we reported that Sony and Santa Monica Studios gave away a pretty cool free PS4 dynamic theme to gamers all around the world to celebrate God of War’s first anniversary. Well, that theme was more than just a pretty moving picture on your PS4 home screen at it seems that it is actually a teaser for the next God of War game.

WARNING: Possible God of War end-game spoilers follow. Proceed with caution. 

There is a hidden Easter Egg in the theme that is pretty hard to spot that reveals what direction the next game is going in. For those of you who have finished God of War would know that the ending after you return back to your house, ends on a cliffhanger revealing that a sequel is no doubt in the works.

Just as in the first God of War, Kratos could bring about the end of the Norse Gods just like he did to Zeus and his family. The hidden text which is only visible when you turn the brightness on your screen up to max translates to “Ragnarok is Coming”. This refers to the end times for Norse Mythology.

Ragnarok is mentioned quite often throughout the first game and as much as Kratos tries to shy away from God killing, it seems that it is going to be harder for him in the coming sequel as he and his son could have already begun triggering the events for Ragnarok.

While we are still a few years off from seeing all this play out, we can all just sit and imagine the endless story routes we will be following in the next God of War game. If the teaser is anything to go by, Kratos will be slaying a couple of Norse Gods and possibly ending the entire Norse Mythology.

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Image source: Twisted Voxel

Gaming | PlayStation | God of War Sequel Teased in Free PS4 Dynamic Theme
Gaming | PlayStation | God of War Sequel Teased in Free PS4 Dynamic Theme






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