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God of War Voice Actor Calls to End Console Wars

God of War voice actor Christopher Judge, the man behind the voice of Kratos says that players need to stop getting involved in console wars. Judge was accepting the award for Best Performer in a Leading Role at the BAFTA Game Awards 2023 and he took a moment to chat with fans about the nasty industry drama.

Judge says that fans should “behave more peacefully. He says that fans “need to be easier on themselves and one another. “You have more in common than what separates you”. No matter what platform you love, no matter what game you love, you’re still part of the gaming community, and give each other a break.”

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Christopher Judge’s statement comes at an important time in the industry where fans are sensitive over console war topics. The latest ongoing Microsoft and Activision purchase has been the centre of console war controversy with gamers getting their backs up over how Sony and Microsoft have handled the acquisition.

A simple scroll on any social media platform reveals the arguments, hate and trolling players will go to in order to express their love for a certain brand.

Sony Santa Monica Studios also suffered from some nasty controversy last year during the lead-up to God of War Ragnarok. Rumours of the game’s release date started swirling around online in June and by the end of June 2022, the studio had yet to announce a set date. However, fans got aggro with the delay and started abusing staff online.

The matter got so out of hand that the studio’s creative director Cory Barlog pleaded to the community to end the harassment. The studio also issued a statement asking for calm. In the end, God of War Ragnarok was worth the wait and it did in fact release on time.

Watch Christopher Judge’s acceptance speech below.

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  • Zavatto 31 March 2023

    Give war a chance.

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