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Godfall Developer is Hiring for a New Co-Op Fantasy Shooter

Godfall developer Counterplay Games have released a few job ads hiring for a brand new, unannounced IP in development at the studio. The job descriptions suggest that it won’t be a sequel to Godfall, but rather a co-op action fantasy shooter.

As spotted by the site VeryAli Gaming, Counterplay Games recently uploaded several new job listings for an unannounced new project. One of the producer roles is for “an unannounced co-operative action fantasy shooter” while another listing for a senior writer role will “contribute to the overall narrative of a new IP”, suggesting that this isn’t a Godfall sequel.

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Another listing is looking for a ‘next-gen platform engineer’ that will be able to “implement and maintain systems and tools to support next-gen console platform development”, meaning it will likely be multiplatform as opposed to just a PlayStation exclusive like Godfall.

Other details from descriptions mention that it “is heavily combat-focused” and will include “synchronised multi-character animations (assassinations)”, hinting at some kind of stealth mechanics too.

Godfall started off strong when it was announced as the first PS5 game during The Game Awards 2019. Upon release, the game was met with a mixed reception, with many praising its visuals but criticizing its barebones narrative and lack of meaningful progression and endgame content.

The game got into further hot waters when it arrived as a fractured PlayStation Plus title in December 2021 under Godfall Challenger Edition, limiting player access to the story and various other parts of the experience.

Whatever Counterplay Games are working on next, we hope that they’ve learned a few lessons from the rocky launch and reception of Godfall and use that momentum to fine-tune their next project.

Godfall is currently available for PS4, PS5 and PC.

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Source: VeryAli Gaming

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