Godfall is One of the First PS5 Games To Go Gold

Godfall PS5 Counterplay Games Loot
Godfall is One of the First PS5 Games To Go Gold

Counterplay games are ready for November making Godfall one of the first PS5 games to go gold ahead of the console launch later this year. Gearbox Publishing shared the news claiming the upcoming looter slasher is on the way to prepare for manufacturing.


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We know Godfall is a PS5 launch game set to release on 12 November 2020 and 19 November in other regions. In addition, the game is releasing on PC too through the Epic Games Store. Counterplay Games encountered multiple delays during the development of Godfall on PS5. This was a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Staff had to transition to working from home. However, the game going gold proves they overcame the challenge.

The game is a looter slasher game with a deep combat system. The game is playable alone or with friends. While much of its gameplay is still a mystery, Counterplay Games claims the game features a loot system where players equip Valor Plates that change the combat by enabling different styles of play. Different plates change the build of your character from a tank, sword wielder, and fast-paced brawler.

Players explore elemental worlds as they beat up enemies, fight bosses and gather loot. Take a look at a detailed gameplay analysis down below;

Settle in for an extended look at combat in Godfall, a looter-slasher and brand new, fantasy IP coming to PS5 this holiday. Enjoy nine minutes of footage diving deep into the world off Aperion, the five weapon classes, complete movesets for Longswords and Dual Blades, and more, all running on PlayStation 5.

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