Godzilla Minus One Digital Release 3 May Japan

Godzilla Minus One Now Available on Netflix and Digital Stores

Godzilla Minus One is now on Netflix. In a surprise turn of events, the movie was added to the service this morning without much hype or announcements.

If you log into Netflix right now, you should see the movie. If not, be sure to search for it. I had to manually look for the film before it popped up.

According to Netflix, Godzilla Minus One should be available globally except for in Japan and France. The film’s distributor Toho International also says that users can buy and rent the film across digital services from today too. It is available on Apple TV, Amazon and Google Play. There’s also a special edition black and white version available on all digital platforms too.

This shadow drop does come as a surprise. Originally, Toho International had no intention to launch Godzilla Minus One outside of Japan. The film was released on UHD Blu-Ray in May but Western audiences weren’t included in this launch.

Soon after the UHD version was released in Japan, users began pirating Godzilla Minus One. The film then became the most pirated movie of all time due to its limited release. Of course, this was expected to happen given the lack of a Western launch.

Thankfully, you can now watch the film either on Netflix or purchase and rent it on your favourite service. If you haven’t already pirated it, of course.

Godzilla Minus One was written and directed by Takashi Yamakazi. It tells the origin story of the giant creature and it is set at the end of World War II. The film was well-received by its global audience. It even went on to win the Academy Award for Visual Effects in March.

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