The VW Golf 8 GTI is now available in South Africa in limited quantities but the launch celebrations have only just begun. VW plans on hosting a series of launch events in October. However, they are currently limited in capacity. These Golf 8 GTI events are locked behind special tickets that users need in order to enter the venue. To get one you need to play the newly-released VW Golf GTI 8 On Tour app.

VW says that in order to get entry to one of these launch events, users need to play their way to obtaining a ticket. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

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Entering to win a ticket is simple, you just need to download the VW Golf GTI 8 On Tour app and clock your fastest time.

Golf 8 GTI On Tour Gaming App

To get entry to one of the launch events, fans need to play their way to obtaining a sought-after ticket to experience the new Golf 8 GTI. To prove their competitive edge, consumers will need to download the #GTI8OnTour gaming app for Apple or Android and clock their fastest time on the virtual streets to get onto the national leader board.

A good race time equals a ticket, one that will guarantee fans a chance to not only attend the intimate events but get into the driver’s seat of the Golf 8 GTI. Put pedal to the metal in the Goodyear GTI 100m Speed Dash, get taken on a whirlwind of a hot lap with a Volkswagen Advanced Driving instructor and experience a fully customised car meet that will include local car clubs, merchandise stalls, food trucks and live DJs.

There are VW Golf 8 GTI launch events taking place in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

  • Cape Town
    • 2 October 2021
    • CTICC Parkade
  • Durban
    • 9 October 2021
    • Cornubia Mall Parkade
  • Johannesburg
    • 16 October 2021
    • Fourways Mall Parkade

VW is giving tickets away every week and you can also win exclusive GTI merchandise and even a set of Eagle F1 Supersport tyres. You can download the app by visiting the official site here.

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