Goodbye Jesse McCree and Hello Cole Cassidy

"Cole arrives on 26 October"

Overwatch McCree Renamed
Goodbye Jesse McCree and Hello Cole Cassidy

Blizzard has officially renamed Jesse McCree to Cole Cassidy. The name change is part of the company’s new updated approach to remove references of problematic people in its video games. Jesse McCree was named after a former Blizzard lead designer who was part of the infamous Cosby Suite incident that took place at the company. This was one of many sexual harassment incidents at Blizzard that led to a large-scale lawsuit.

Blizzard was forced to rename McCree to Cole Cassidy after casters refused to say the character’s name during the most recent Overwatch League. Soon after the league, Blizzard announced they would look into renaming the hero. However, McCree isn’t the only character renamed. In fact, Blizzard also recently removed Warcraft NPCs that referenced game director Alex Afrasiabi. He was also part of the Cosby Suite.

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McCree will lose his name on 26 October as Blizzard updates the game with the new change to Cole Cassidy. Blizzard has also tied the name change into a plot point in the Overwatch series. According to a tweet, McCree is now “giving up” his outlaw name and going back to his original name of Cole Cassidy, to be honest with himself and his team.

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