Android 10 Announced as Google Decides to Move Away from Dessert Names
Android 10
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It seems Google has decided to leave the desserts behind as the company announced its new version of its operating system Android 10 breaking the 10-year history of naming the OS after desserts.

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Alongside the new name of Android 10 comes a new logo too. The new design is not too far off what we already know but now features a “more modern” look says Aude Gandon, global brand director for Android. It is a big change over the current Android Q.

The iconic green robot is still the company’s mascot but he has had a few design tweaks too. The logo’s font has also seen a slight tweak. Google detailed all the changes, small and big in a cool sizzle reel;

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Gandon says the desserts naming convention was fun but each dessert left out a part of the world due to the English word being unfamiliar in some territories. Android is a global brand so it needed a global name.

Android 10

Android 10 will be represented by more “green and grey” going forward according to Gandon and it has new secondary colours including blue, navy and orange.

No word on the Android 10 release date but expect betas to kick-off soon and rollout on supported devices over the next 12 months.






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