Google’s Area 120, which is like an in-house incubator where employees can spend 20% of their time on other, experimental projects, has a free product on Steam, called Game Builder. I’ve tested it out last night and it works quite well even in its Early Access state, allowing users to do exactly what the name Game Builder says, build their own little games.

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Don’t expect the power or control of engines like Unity or Unreal Engine, but the free Game Builder does work pretty well if you have no idea how to code. That’s right, there is no coding required and it is almost more of a powerful level builder than anything else. However, it is great fun to throw together your own little game in an hour or two and that’s exactly what Game Builder gives you the chance to do.

You can grab Game Builder from Steam on PC right now by following this link and it will cost you absolutely nothing. Check out a description and features for the title below.

Build and play games with your friends! Make a 3D platformer in 10 minutes, or spend hours jamming on the next indie hit. Game Builder is designed for all skill levels, from players ready to build their first game to designers looking for a faster way to realize their ideas.


  • Create levels and environments with easy-to-use construction tools.
  • Multiplayer: Build and play games with your friends
  • No code required: Build games with our card-based visual programming system
  • Know how to code? Live-code your game using JavaScript
  • Easily find and use free 3D models from Poly

Will you give it a shot and what do you think about this effort by Google? Let us know in the comment section below.


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