Google News App Using Gigabytes of Mobile Data Without User’s Knowledge
Google News App
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You know when you have that 500mb of data and then suddenly it disappears? Well, Google is facing some backlash after a bug found in their Google News App is causing gigabytes of data to vanish without any knowledge of the user.

This news comes from the Google News Help Forum where dozens of people have taken it upon themselves to complain about the disappearing data. According to the forum, users have been experiencing this issue since June already and it took Google a couple of months to admit to the issue.

In September, Google began investigating the issue and the investigation is still going on. Some users are experiencing 15GB of data vanishing within a month thanks to the app which has resulted in hundreds of dollars in costs per user. Even after turning on “Download via Wi-Fi”, the app still insists on using your mobile data.

The Verge reports that one user had the app use 24GB of data which resulted in a bill of $385 (R5000). Another user showed 12GB vanishing in one night. In SA, 24GB of data will cost you well over R3500 just because an app decides to go rogue on you. The only solution to the problem now seems to be to delete the app and prevent any sort of background data usage.

If you make use of the app then this is fair warning. Delete it and prevent a costly bill at the end of the month.






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