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Google Pixel Watch Photos Leak After Device Was Left in a Restaurant

Out of all the smartphone makers around the world, Google has yet to make its own Pixel Watch. We have heard reports about the device for a while now and even seen some of the leaked renders. However, we have yet to see a real mockup of the smartwatch until now. It seems that someone left their Google Pixel Watch behind in a restaurant and sent photos to Android Central.

The leaked photos match the previous reports we have seen regarding the Google Pixel Watch including the device’s rounded face and crown. There are two buttons situated on both sides of the crown which are used to operate the watch. There’s also a small hole which is where the microphone is found.

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This specific model also features four pins which are reportedly used for testing and won’t appear on the final retail model itself. Android Central says that they have been unable to boot up the watch. It turns on but only shows a white Google logo and does nothing after that. The charger for the watch wasn’t left behind with the device itself so they have been unable to charge the watch.

As for the straps, the Google Pixel Watch seems to make use of the same design method as the Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense models. This means users will snap the straps onto the watch. The report claims that these holes look very similar to Fitbit straps.

Android Central actually got in touch with the owner of this leaked watch. The owner claims that his bartending friend found the watch during one of his shifts and held onto it in hopes that the real owner would return for it. Sadly, the owner never came back to claim the watch so the bartender gave it to one of his friends he deemed a “tech nerd”.

  • My buddy is the one that found the watch. He is a bartender at the restaurant it was left at. They held it for a few weeks expecting the people that left it to return, but that never happened. He gave it to me because I’m a tech nerd so he let me deal with it.

  • The reason the bands aren’t attached in any photos is simple – my buddy forgot to give them to me with the watch. They were packaged separately and he forgot to bring them over, so he sent me pictures of them for the article (notice the background is different). I’ll get them from him at some point and post an image of the whole package.

  • No charger was left, and the battery is dead. The image with the ‘G’ boot logo was taken by my buddy the day he found it. It had a small amount of charge at that point but only booted to that screen, guessing there isn’t a full OS loaded.

The owner says that the Google Pixel Watch has a screen face of 1.5-inches and the bezels are actually quite thick. You can see this in the photo below. The darker black rim is the bezel part.

Google Pixel Watch

Of course, we don’t know what Google’s plans are for this Pixel Watch yet. The company is set to host its annual I/O event next month so hopefully, we will get a full announcement then.

Source: Android Central

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