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Google Stadia Review Roundup – Not The Cloud Gaming Solution

Google Stadia launches on Friday and while the service will not be available in South Africa, we wanted to share a few reviews with you in case you are not living in the country and plan on purchasing the new streaming service platform. So far, the Google Stadia reviews are not looking too great with critics on the fence about the service.

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US media outlets feel the service is not ready for public consumption with a limited launch lineup and restricted features at launch. Graphics comparisons have also left much to be desired with dedicated hardware like the PS4, Xbox One and PC delivering better visual fidelity compared to Google Stadia.

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Take a look at a handful of Google Stadia reviews down below. 

The Verge – 5/10

I can’t imagine many gamers paying three ways for Stadia today, but I could definitely see them paying once. They’ll want to know whether to buy a new console or upgrade their PC for Cyberpunk 2077 next April… and maybe decide to instead spend $60 on a Stadia copy they’ll only play in their Chrome web browser, using what will then be a free Google PC in the cloud. Maybe they see an ad on YouTube, press a button, instantly start playing, and get hooked. Maybe a streamer shares an epic gameplay moment they relive for themselves. Maybe the immediate gratification of a single game becomes the gateway for more. – Read the full review

Kotaku – Unscored

However you feel about what a streaming service like Stadia could mean for game preservation or the modding scene, it’s hard to deny we’re heading in that direction. It won’t happen tomorrow, but if all the services I’m currently subscribed to tell me anything, Stadia feels like a step in that direction. It’s tough for a console to make a good first impression, so I’m not counting it out just yet. In the meantime, I’ll keep playing most of my games the way I already do: on hardware running it locally, where all my other friends are. – Read the full review

Venturebeat – Unscored

Right now, Google Stadia is a platform for nobody. The company just doesn’t seem to understand any of the audiences it is trying to reach. – Read the full review

Wired – 6/10

This isn’t a service meant to supplant the Alienwares and Razers of the world. It’s never going to be as sharp and responsive as gaming on a local machine will be, and latency will always be an issue, no matter how good the technology gets—and no matter what Google says about “negative latency.” Google has a lot of features to flesh out and issues to address, but Stadia lives up to at least some of its lofty ambitions. It’s positioned to bring gaming to more people on more platforms than ever before, and there’s something very exciting about that prospect. – Read the full review

Ars Technica – Unscored

Google’s game streaming is too limited and too unreliable, for too little benefit. – Read the full review

Would you splurge on Google Stadia? Let us know down below.

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