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Gotham Knights Harley Quinn Boss Fight Gameplay Revealed

Gotham Knights has received a first look at the Harley Quinn boss fight in new gameplay footage. The gameplay is set in a hospital and features Nightwing who goes up against Harley and her squad of goons. We get a look at some new moves from Nightwing as well as Harley’s combat style.

Harley Quinn uses a signature charged hammer in the new gameplay for Gotham Knights, capable of delivering strong area of effect attacks. Though counters appear to be missing from the Arkham games, players must seemingly rely on well-timed dodges and evasions to avoid Harley’s hammer while also crowd-managing the various enemies.

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We got a look at Batgirl’s gameplay when a previous video highlighted the opening sections of the game. This time, Nightwing takes the stage and delivers a surprisingly flashy arsenal of moves. It’s nothing particularly exceptional for a boss fight, especially for a villain as iconic as Harley Quinn, but it is one of the better gameplay demonstrations of the game we’ve seen lately.

Gotham Knights will feature a selection of villains from Batman’s rogues gallery outside of the game’s central antagonists, the Court of Owls. Some familiar faces we’ll be going up against include Harley, Clayface and Mr. Freeze. We’ll also presumably be battling the Court’s deadly assassins, the Talons, at some point.

Warner Bros Games and developer Warner Bros Montreal recently decided to move up Gotham Knights‘ release date by four days to 21 October. The game has already gone gold so it’s in a pretty good shape right now pre-launch. More gameplay is expected to arrive in the next few weeks ahead of the game’s release.

Gotham Knights launches on 21 October 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the new gameplay below.

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