Gotham Knights Showcase Taking Place Today

"Please show actual gameplay"

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Gotham Knights Showcase Taking Place Today

WB Games has announced a new Gotham Knights showcase event taking place today. The official Twitter account says that users can look forward to some new information on the upcoming Arkham game at 15:00 SAT/6 am PT.

The timing for this Gotham Knights showcase is also fitting. Yesterday, we reported that the PlayStation Store leaked the 4-play co-op news for the game. Up to now, WB Games hasn’t shared any information regarding the game’s 4-play co-op experience. Instead, the developer claimed it was only a 2-player game.

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After this leak took place, WB Games announced the showcase so the developer is clearly ready to fully unveil the game’s 4-player co-op mode. While many expected this showcase to take place during the Summer Game Fest next month, this early reveal will be a much-needed insight into the gameplay in the action-adventure.

The last time we saw Gotham Knights was during the Court of Owls trailer six months ago. The trailer touched on the gameplay, combat and some of the story but it was sadly scripted and didn’t represent the true gameplay experience. Let’s hope WB Games shows less scripted nonsense today and shows players what they will see when they boot up Gotham Knights in October.

If you want to tune into the reveal today, head on over to the Twitter page and refresh it at 15:00 SAT. The account didn’t leave any YouTube link so they will most likely just upload the gameplay trailer on social media instead,

In the meantime, catch up on the latest gameplay trailer below.

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