Gotham Knights Skill Trees Special Abilities Explained Warner Bros Montreal

Gotham Knights Skill Trees and Special Abilities Explained

Gotham Knights developer Warner Bros Montreal has explained the robust skill trees in the game and how you’ll be able to evolve each Knight without really needing to play with them for extended periods. These include how special abilities will work and what players will need to do in order to unlock everything that each character has to offer.

Speaking to IGN recently, Warner Bros Montreal explained in some detail how players will be able to engage with the skill trees in Gotham Knights. Essentially, ability points will be evenly distributed across all four characters regardless of if you’re playing with them or not. This means that you’ll never have to replay missions with specific Knights in order to upgrade their skill tree paths.

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The ability points earned in each mission will be distributed for every character, allowing players to upgrade each Knight individually rather than grind out points by replaying quests and missions with others, especially if another Knight doesn’t suit your preferred playstyle.

Furthermore, each character will have a dedicated skill tree that allows them to unlock new special abilities. However, unlocking these special abilities will require you to complete challenges for each Knight. Abilities go much deeper as players can then unlock momentum abilities that further flesh out the four Knight’s special abilities. This is to ensure that you can carefully craft the ideal characters that you would want to see and play as.

Gotham Knights has already gone gold over two months ahead of its release this October. The game was originally meant to launch at an earlier date but Warner Bros delayed the title for further polishing and extra time in development.

Gotham Knights releases on 25 October 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out how skill trees work in the video below.

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Source: IGN

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