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Gotham Knights Studio is Helping on Wonder Woman Game

Gotham Knights developer WB Montreal is helping on the development of the upcoming Wonder Woman game from Shadow of Mordor studio Monolith Productions. A new job listing reveals that the company, which is known for 2022’s Gotham Knights as well as Batman: Arkham Origins, is aiding Monolith Productions though it’s uncertain to what extent.

As spotted by Tech4Gamers, a job listing from WB Montreal revealed that the developer has stepped in to assist Monolith Productions on the development of the upcoming single-player Wonder Woman game. We aren’t sure when the company stepped in to help, though it seems rather recent. This isn’t indicative of a troubled development either as plenty of studios, mainly ones under the same publishing banner (Warner Bros Games in this case), typically tend to help out fellow studios.

The Wonder Woman game will be a single-player, open world action game featuring an original story where players get to control the Amazonian princess, Diana.

Back in November 2023, reports surfaced about the Wonder Woman game apparently being a live service title. Many believed that to be true at the time as publisher Warner Bros Games expressed interest in shifting towards more live service games over single-player titles in the future. However, the publisher later denied the rumours, confirming that it will be a single-player game.

Despite the enormous success of Hogwarts Legacy in 2023 and the failure of the recently released Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, Warner Bros Games doubled down on its plans to push more into live service territory for upcoming releases. Fortunately, it seems like Monolith’s Wonder Woman is exempt from this push.

Wonder Woman was first announced at The Game Awards back in 2021 but little has been shared about it since then, including any potential release window or platforms, though it’s likely set for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Tech4Gamers

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