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Gotham Knights Studio Working on Another Multiplayer DC Game – Report

Gotham Knights developer Warner Bros. Montreal is potentially working on another multiplayer DC game. The report comes from a couple of recent job listings posted on the studio’s website seeking a Senior Concept and Characters Artist as well as a Senior Gameplay Programmer. The job descriptions for these roles give us some clues about this unannounced project.

Warner Bros. Montreal originally developed Batman: Arkham Origins, which was well-received by fans despite a middling critical reception when compared to Rocksteady’s mainline Arkham games. However, they returned to the world of Batman with Gotham Knights which launched in October. However, fans and critics were not so kind to the game, criticising its numerous performance issues, bland open-world and lack of energy that made the Arkham games so good.

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Despite that, Warner Bros. Montreal are having another crack at the multiplayer DC formula. The Senior Concept and Characters Artist role specifically mentions that they will be working on an unannounced AAA title, while the Senior Gameplay Programmer states that the applicant having “previous experience with Unreal Engine and Multiplayer architecture is a plus.”

We’ve known for a while that the studio was working on a second game since last year, though this is the first time that we’ve heard about it since then as the developer probably doubled down on the development of Gotham Knights first.

Given that fans are demanding more single-player experiences out of their superhero games (evident in the success of the Batman Arkham games, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy), it’s strange that Warner Bros. Montreal would are still trying to make a multiplayer game when it’s clear that fans aren’t really asking for it (see Marvel’s Avengers). Either way, hopefully the studio has learned a few lessons from Gotham Knights and make a more polished and better experience this time.

Gotham Knights is currently available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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