Gotham Knights to Feature 4 Player Co-Op After All

"It looked like a 4-player game from the start"

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Gotham Knights to Feature 4 Player Co-Op After All

Gotham Knights originally was revealed as a two-player co-op game back in 2021 when it was announced. The game will see players take on one of four playable characters across a new Arkham game set during the original trilogy’s timeline. However, the co-op feature allowed a partner to jump in and out of the world with you as you fought crime and kicked goon butt.

It seems that WB Games actually plans on including a four-player co-op mode in Gotham Knights which would ideally see each of the four playable characters controlled by friends.

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According to the PlayStation Store, the game details have changed from the previously mentioned 1-2 player online features to now including 1-4 player online features. Usually, this is a sign that the max online player count in the game can range between 1 and 4.

While WB Montreal has yet to confirm the news, the studio does plan on showcasing the game during the Summer Game Fest on 9 June. This is ahead of the game’s release in October. WB Montreal will most likely confirm the additional 4-player co-op mode when this showcase takes place.

If Gotham Knights does end up being a 4-player game, it would mean that both it and Suicide Squad, which was recently delayed to 2023, will be an online-focused co-op experience. We can only hope that these games don’t end up being live-service models and fail out to the gate like Marvel’s Avengers did.

Catch up on the last trailer for Gotham Knights below. The game is expected to launch on 25 October for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC.

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Source: PS Store


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