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Gotham Knights Won’t Have Microtransactions or Online Requirement

Developer Warner Bros. Montreal confirmed that their upcoming superhero open-world action game, Gotham Knights, will not feature any microtransactions or require a permanent online connection to play the single-player campaign. It also won’t have any in-game purchases, meaning all content can be unlocked by playing through the game.

On the developer’s recent FAQ, WB Montreal revealed that they have no plans to put microtransactions into Gotham Knights. Following the release of brand new gameplay footage showing Red Hood and Nightwing in action, fans were initially concerned that the game’s gear system might pave the way for microtransactions or in-game purchases. Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Despite not requiring an online connection to play the game’s single-player campaign, players will still require PlayStation Plus if they wish to play co-op with a friend. This also applies to Xbox where you’ll likely need Xbox Live Gold.

WB Montreal recently revealed 13 minutes of new gameplay for Gotham Knights, showing two of its four heroes in action. The reception has been mostly mixed by fans, with some pointing their concerns towards the game’s floaty combat that lacks the same impact as Rocksteady’s Arkham games.

However, concerns were also raised when the gameplay focused on the Belfry hub area revealing customisation options for various stats tied to gear. We’ve seen a similar gear system in Marvel’s Avengers, which was heavily panned for its implementation of microtransactions that allowed players to purchase new gear with real money.

Luckily, WB Montreal is vocal about side-stepping these issues, reassuring fans that they won’t walk the same path as Marvel’s Avengers. Time will tell if the developer stays true to its words, as it’s still possible to add microtransactions after the launch of the game. However, we hope for the game’s sake that this doesn’t happen.

Gotham Knights releases on 25 October 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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Source: Gotham Knights website FAQ

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