Grab Two Games For Free Right Now and Keep Them Forever
games for free
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What’s better than one freebie you ask? Well, that’s easy, two freebies! Right now, you can grab two games for free and if you pick them up in time, they will be yours to keep and play at your leisure. I always love bringing our readers news about games they can grab for free even if they are indie titles because sometimes you find some real gems out there.

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PC gamers can get the two games for free, one on IndieGala and one on Steam. The first game is called The Deed, an adventure / RPG indie game, while the second is Kabounce, a multiplayer pinball sports game that looks pretty fun. Head on over to the links below to claim these games for free.

If you need more info before you grab some games for free, then check out a description and video for each of the games below.

The Deed

A keenly dark twist on the traditional murder mystery setting, The Deed is an Adventure/RPG game about getting away with murder.


Arran Bruce, the rightful heir to Dunshiel House, returns to his family home after discovering that his abusive father has decided to disinherit him from his Will in favour of his sadistic, deranged young sister. In a fit of anger and greed, Arran has decided to remove his sister from the equation in order to restore his own inheritance. Can he manage to get away with such a foul deed?

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]


Take complete control of the ball and reach ridiculous speeds with intuitive momentum and rhythm based movement in this re-imagining of pinball. Rack up sweet combos and points by hitting bumper pins and perform spinning skill moves in short, 5 minute, matches.


Eliminate opposing players to steal their hard-earned points and score to win! Up to 8 players online, 4 vs 4. Take the action offline with over 50 time-attack parkour challenges (and be sure to snag up the hidden skins and rewards). Keep up the pace, cut corners, use walls and bumpers – earn a bronze, silver, gold or developer star! Top the leaderboards for the coveted blue star.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

Will you be taking advantage of these freebies? Let us know in the comment section below.






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