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Grab Yet Another Free Game on Steam Right Now

Freebies, freebies everywhere! Earlier this week, we reported that you can get The Witcher: Enchanced Edition for free from and right now, it is still free, so head on over to the related link below to get it. On Steam, there is also a free game for PC gamers to grab and although it is not nearly as famous and brilliant as The Witcher, free stuff is always nice if you ask me.

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So the free game on steam is Zquirrels Jump and it is a tough-as-nails platformer which sees the player try to survive 40 gruelling levels. The art style looks great and the developer notes that you will die hundreds of times, so for someone like me who loves a challenge, this sounds pretty good.

You can head on over to the game’s Steam page and claim it. The game is now free forever, or at least until the inevitable robot uprising occurs. The developer, Nutty Wizards and Artists Entertainment announced that:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#33e0ff” class=”” size=”25″]From now on Zquirrels Jump will be free for everybody till the end of the world, and let’s hope it won’t happen too soon.


There won’t be ads, there won’t be microtransactions, just try to enjoy this super frustrating rage game for yourself![/perfectpullquote]

Just in case you need more convincing to grab a free game on Steam, then you can check out the game’s description, features and video below.

About Zquirrels Jump

“Zquirrels need your help! Become one of the best jumpers and save the day with your awesome skills. Zquirrel Jump is a hardcore arcade game for people ready to bruise their fingers. Or speedrunners, because they will feel at home.

But what does it mean to “save the day” in Zquirrels’ world? It means, save as many nuts as you can before they hit the ground. Obviously. Because there is no worse thing in the world than nuts hitting ground.

Keep in mind that it’s a very difficult arcade game. You will die hundreds of times. Literally. This game won’t show you the ropes, a player has to experiment and learn to find a way to complete a level. It might be a little bit frustrating to repeat the same level again and again, but if you are willing to try, you will be rewarded!”

Key Features:

  • 40 unique levels made by not random generated people called level designers
  • 7 skills which will make you accomplish something unimaginable
  • A bunch of skins for your Zquirrels and their parachutes
  • 5 biomes, because every good game needs a lava level
  • 3-star scale to tell you how bad was your run
  • 22 comics about Zquirrels, because you somehow have to get to know their story
  • A few Achievements, like in any other new game on Steam!
  • User-friendly level editor, because don’t we all love to create?
  • Very high difficulty
  • Youtube friendly
  • And parachutes! It’s a key feature because without a parachute you would probably fall and die

Will you be taking advantage of this free game on Steam and are you up for the challenge? Let us know in the comment section below.

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