Amazon Delivers Gran Turismo 7 Copies Earlier Than Expected

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Amazon Delivers Gran Turismo 7 Copies Earlier Than Expected

Gran Turismo 7 fans are already receiving copies of the game way ahead of its 4 March release date because of Amazon US. As reported by VGC, several users on Twitter and Reddit are confirming that they’ve received their physical copies of the anticipated PlayStation racer earlier than expected.

Gran Turismo 7 copies are already out in the wild thanks to Amazon US, who prematurely delivered copies of the game to several customers a whole week before it was meant to release.

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Unfortunately, since the game requires an internet connection, several features in the game won’t be playable until launch. It’s not exactly clear how much content will be accessible for early players, but some believe that, due to it constantly requiring an internet connection for verification, it won’t be playable at all until its release.

Previously, the series creator Kazunori Yamauchi stated that an online requirement was put in place “to prevent cheating overall from people trying to modify the save data…”

It’s not uncommon that street dates are broken by retailers, but Amazon US delivering the game a whole week early is quite surprising considering how air-tight they usually are when it comes to abiding by street dates. It’s possible that a slip-up happened during delivery scheduling that lead to some getting their copies early, but it’s probably been rectified at this point.

Gran Turismo 7 was originally planned to be released in 2021, but setbacks in development caused by the COVID-19 pandemic forced developer Polyphony Digital to delay the game in order to give the team more time under the circumstances.

In addition to the racing simulator, PlayStation also recently released another PS4/PS5 exclusive, Horizon Forbidden West. Their next known exclusive is God of War Ragnarok, which is aiming to release sometime in 2022.

Gran Turismo 7 releases on 4 March for PS4 and PS5.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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