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Gran Turismo 7 Microtransactions Feel Out of Place in 2022

During the review duration of Gran Turismo 7, Sony did not enable any sort of microtransactions in the game. There was an option to top-up in-game credits but when I clicked on the tab, it displayed an error and failed to load the currency packages. However, on Friday when the game launched, Polyphony wasn’t scared to enable in-game purchases in Gran Turismo 7 and they don’t belong in the game.

We are past the point where racing games allow players to spend real money on in-game credits to purchase new vehicles and upgrades. Some of the biggest racing games on the market have been a success without this horrible feature and Polyphony should be ashamed of themselves.

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In short, Gran Turismo 7 lets you purchase money with real money. This money, called credits, is then used for a range of stuff in the game including buying better cars, upgrading cars and tweaking its performance.

Sony has four available Gran Turismo 7 packages available on the PlayStation Store. You can purchase the 100,000 pack for only R45 or splurge on the 2,000,000 for R359. While 2,000,000 sounds like a lot, it really isn’t. In fact, some of the best cars cost more than this so you would have to either bundle this R359 package with another or play the game to come up with the shortfall.

To make matters worse, Sony has also increased the price of every car in Gran Turismo 7 in comparison to the last entry in the series, GT Sport. Some cars that were 100,000 now cost 150,000 and some million credit cars cost almost double. Keep in mind that Gran Turismo 7 also has a Legend Cars shop where the best vehicles are up for sale. That, combined with the collector system that pushes you to purchase new vehicles spells bad news for your wallet.

Sure, you don’t need to spend any real money on the game if you don’t want to but the fact that Sony purposely increased the price of cars in Gran Turismo 7 shows how much emphasis they wanted to put on these purchases.

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