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Gran Turismo Sport Quietly Pulled From PlayStation Store

Sony has quietly pulled Gran Turismo Sport from the PlayStation Store. Last October, PlayStation and developer Polyphony Digital revealed that servers for the game would be shut down this month. While the servers are only scheduled to shut down on 31 January, it seems like players won’t be able to purchase the game digitally anymore as of today.

Servers for Gran Turismo Sport will be officially closed later this month but all offline and single-player content will still be available for players. Unfortunately, those hoping to purchase the game digitally won’t be able to do so anymore as the game has been pulled from the PlayStation Store. If you previously purchased the game digitally, it will remain in your library. However, the only way to actually play the game now would be through a physical copy and only the offline modes will be available.

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Polyphony Digital stated that it would be shifting support towards Gran Turismo 7, leading to the decision to shut down Gran Turismo Sport‘s servers. “The offline portions of the game can still be played, including purchased add-ons,” wrote Sony. A large portion of Sport’s experience came from the online aspects of the game so players will be missing out on that if they wish to play it today. That said, players can still purchase add-ons until 31 January.

Gran Turismo Sport launched exclusively on PS4 in 2017. While it was criticised at launch for its lack of content, consecutive updates added more cars, modes and features as time went on. It eventually amassed a cult player base and the online portions of the game thrived over the last few years. However, most players made the leap to Gran Turismo 7 when it launched in 2022, which also supported online racing.

Make sure you pick up Gran Turismo Sport physically if you can as the game is no longer available to purchase digitally.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

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