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Gran Turismo Sport Servers to Shut Down in January 2024

Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Polyphony Digital have announced that it will shut down online servers for its racing simulator, Gran Turismo Sport, in January 2024. In-game purchases will first be closed on 1 December this year, with the online services to fully close a few weeks later.

When the servers for Gran Turismo Sport go offline on 31 January 2024, players will no longer have access to several modes including Open Lobby, Seasonal Events, Quick Match, Community and Sport Mode. Additionally, all liveries applied through the Discover function in the game will revert back to their original colours as customer liveries require an online connection. Thankfully, offline and single-player content will still be playable as well as previously purchased add-ons and in-game items.

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Sony’s statement confirming the closure of Gran Turismo Sport‘s servers reads:

“We would like to thank the many users of the Gran Turismo Sport online service since its first launch in 2017. From here on, we will continue to further improve the online services for the currently available title Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.”

Unsurprisingly, Sony is shifting its attention to supporting Gran Turismo 7, the latest entry in Polyphony’s long-running PlayStation racing simulator franchise.

Gran Turismo Sport originally launched in 2017 for PS4 to mostly positive reviews, though some criticism was aimed at its lack of content and a strong focus on online multiplayer which felt alien for a series that always delivered compelling single-player games in the past. Before the launch of Gran Turismo 7, Sport drew in a decently sized player base but it was clear that the decision to lean so heavily into online multiplayer might’ve been a bit contentious with veteran players.

In related news, the live-action Gran Turismo movie launched back in August. Directed by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, it managed to garner good reviews from critics who called it a solidly entertaining adaptation of a real-life story. Earlier this year, Sony added PS VR2 support to Gran Turismo 7 alongside plenty of new content.

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