Granblue Fantasy: Relink End-Game Guide and Tips For Mastering The Grind

Granblue Fantasy: Relink End-Game Guide and Tips For Mastering The Grind

Granblue Fantasy: Relink doesn’t have a long story campaign. You can finish the main story in just over ten hours and that’s okay because the game’s focus on end-game content is where most of the fun is.

If you have just completed the main story and you’re wondering what’s next, we have a full guide on exactly how it all works. It is a little confusing at first so don’t feel bad. However, once you’re in the grind, the Granblue Fantasy: Relink end-game loop is incredibly fun and rewarding.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink End-Game Guide

After you complete Chapter 10 in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, you’ll then start Chapter 0 which is an infinite chapter revolving around the end-game. This will also unlock new features including Rank-Up Quest and Chapter Select.

Chapter Select lets you replay story chapters on higher difficulties. If you want to unlock all the trophies, you’ll want to replay all the chapters on Ultimate to nab the trophy for doing so.

Rank-Up Quest, on the other hand, levels up your quest list to the next tier after completing all the quests for a specific difficulty. This unlocks Very Hard from Hard, and Extreme from Very Hard, for example. It is explained below.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink End-Game Guide and Tips For Mastering The Grind

If you have played the Monster Hunter series then this system is familiar. Players start on Novice Skyfarer Rank and you then get Veteran Skyfarer Rank after completing the story. Lastly, there’s Zegagrande Legend Skyfarer Rank. Each rank offers different quests and difficulties. For example:

  • Novice Skyfarer Rank – Easy and Normal
    • Available throughout the main story campaign
  • Veteran Skyfarer – Hard, Very Hard and Extreme
    • Unlocks after Chapter 10
  • Zegagrande Legend Skyfarer – Maniac and Proud

After you complete each tier across each Skyfarer Rank, you’ll then use Rank-Up Quest to progress to the next tier. Rank-Up Quest is an actual quest that you’ll have to complete in order to unlock the next batch of quests on the next difficulty tier.

Tip – I would urge you not to worry about levelling up gear and Sigils until you reach Extreme Difficulty. Even on “Hard”, this difficulty shouldn’t be a problem for most players. I also suggest you keep only the main four characters in your party from the main campaign. Only start worrying about new members and levelling them up once you reach Extreme. 

The Extreme difficulty is likely the tier where you’ll need to start focusing on the grind. This difficulty also rewards you with great currency drops and materials you’ll need to boost gear and Sigils. It also saves a lot of time if you only start levelling up gear and Sigils when you reach this tier.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink End-Game Guide and Tips For Mastering The Grind

You’ll also want to focus on specific quests for specific drops. Here’s a brief description of each quest you can undertake and the best types of farming quests in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

  • Boss Quests – Best quests to get boss materials. These materials are often needed to uncap gear levels. For example, the Griffin Feather (an early material) is dropped from the Griffin Boss.
  • Conquest Quests – The best quests for weapon levelling materials. You’ll earn a lot of Fortitude Crystals during these quests. These items are used to level up weapons. You’ll spend a lot of these throughout the end-game especially when your weapons get to higher levels.
  • Defend Quests – The best quests for earthy materials used to uncap weapon levels. You’ll notice a weapon can’t be uncapped without a refined earth element material. You’ll earn ample of those in these quests.
  • Horde Quests – Another place to earn Fortitude Crystals. If you get bored of Conquest Quests, play some Horde Quests instead.
  • Survival and Explore Quests – These offer a large amount of Mastery Points used to progress the character skill trees. Each character needs loads of these so you’ll likely grind these quests quite often.

Tip – Once you have completed Extreme, this is where you’ll start grinding new characters. Using fresh or lower-level characters, Extrame quests offer great XP boosts to quickly get the next four characters to level 100. I recommend spamming through Survival Quests to quickly earn large amounts of XP and Mastery Points. Slimepede is an excellent farming quest for XP and Mastery Points. 

Once you have a good set of characters on lvl 100 and their weapons on +/- lvl 100 too, you’ll then be safe to enter Maniac. This difficulty includes quests which let you uncap weapons to lvl 125 and 150.

Tip – Throughout Maniac you’ll also want to focus heavily on your character Mastery Trees. You’ll want to get both Offensive and Defensive to at least 80% before moving on to the next difficulty tier. 

Granblue Fantasy: Relink End-Game Guide and Tips For Mastering The Grind

If you’re ready to start Proud then here’s when the game gets rather intense. These fights include enemies with millions of health pools. These quests are difficult and players should prepare with the right Sigils, weapons and skills before jumping in.

Proud bosses are especially tough and can one-shot you if you’re not careful. You’ll need to master the dodge and block mechanics to survive hits as well as carry a healer with you at all times. Using Proud Quests, you should be able to 100% your Mastery Trees and level up your weapons to 150.

Tip – Try and focus on the elemental weaknesses for these quests too. If you have to level up a handful of other characters to bring elemental weakness into the fight then so be it. The attack boosts these weaknesses offer will go a long way to help pin combat. Try and focus on at least one character for each element. 

Other Tips

  • Don’t worry about unlocking all the characters at first – focus on a handful at a time.
    • Be sure to have a healer – I recommend Cagliostro
  • Use elemental weaknesses wherever possible
  • Don’t sell unwanted materials instead trade them for Knickknack Vouchers
    • These Knickknack Vouchers can then be used in the Transmute Sigils menu to get incredibly powerful Sigils.
    • This mode relies on RnG but you’ll be able to obtain the best Sigils for your characters to fit their attack style.
  • Don’t jump into higher difficulty tiers with excitement, rather focus on Extreme for a long time to prepare for Maniac. You’ll waste less time failing quests if you’re over-levelled.
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