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GTA 6 Announcement Rumours Keep Going Nowhere

Speculation surrounding a potential Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement reached an all-time high this week when fans began to theorise that Rockstar Games was gearing up for an official reveal on 24 October. That day has passed and nothing happened – the rumour mill for a GTA 6 announcement will keep turning as most rumours these days are simply being chalked up to baseless speculation.

It began when users noticed updates on Rockstar’s social media pages and privated videos on YouTube, leading many to speculate that we were close to an announcement for GTA 6. Fans first expected news about GTA 6 to arrive last year during the 10th anniversary of GTA V but nothing happened. “Insiders” claimed that a reveal was actually meant to take place on 24 October but nothing happened. Now the hot rumour is that a reveal will happen today. You can see where this is going.

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Of course, it’s entirely possible that Rockstar Games will break its silence and actually announce the highly anticipated game today but there aren’t any good leads to believe right now, so take everything you see with a grain of salt. Twitter user The Cat summed it up perfectly:

As far as more believable evidence goes, a fiscal year report from publisher Take-Two Interactive in May this year revealed that the company projects a massive $8 billion net bookings goal for fiscal year 2025, which begins in April 2024 until March 2025. Take-Two’s previous net bookings goals floated around $3 billion, so that begs the question: why is Take-Two projecting such a large uptick in its goal for next fiscal year?

The only answer most people can think of is the release of a very big AAA title that’s likely GTA 6, meaning an announcement around this time of the year would seem right on schedule to allow a year of marketing. Unless Red Dead Redemption 3 is in the pipeline, it’s a pretty safe bet to expect the next Grand Theft Auto.

If a reveal doesn’t happen anytime soon (or at least sooner than most rumours expect), there’s always The Game Awards to look forward to this December which is not only an awards-giving ceremony but the last major gaming event where big reveals can happen. Otherwise, it’s best to temper your expectations for now.

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