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GTA 6 Budget is Reportedly Over $2 Billion

The gaming world was shaken when a hacker, believed to only be 17-years old and part of a notorious hacking group called Lapsus$, breached Rockstar Games and leaked over an hour of early development footage of Grand Theft Auto 6. While the suspect has since been apprehended by UK authorities, several DMs detailing exchanges between the leaker and other hackers has appeared online. One bit of information revealed in those DMs suggests that Take-Two Interactive has spent over $2 billion on the budget for GTA 6 so far.

The leaked DMs between the suspect known as “teapotuberhacker” and other hackers appeared online recently, revealing that GTA 6‘s budget could be as high as $2 billion. Naturally, the hackers would have access to this kind of information that hasn’t been revealed to the public yet.

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As for how this massive budget came to be, it’s believed that Rockstar Games began development on GTA 6 around 2014, covering around eight years of development costs already. The budget could also be allocated to securing licenses, from vehicles and brands to music. Then there’s marketing and advertising deals, full publishing and distribution costs, post-launch content and GTA 6‘s online elements. Altogether, it would be quite a costly endeavour. At the reported $2 billion, it would also make it the most expensive video game ever made.

This information is rocky to begin with and shouldn’t be taken as the truth. The numbers could be greatly exaggerated or simply a case of misinterpretation by the hackers.  It’s within the realm of possibility that Take-Two Interactive could actually be spending that much on the game, seeing as though GTA V remains the highest-grossing AAA video game of all time and expectations would be very high for GTA 6. However, if you ask us, take it with a pinch of salt.

GTA 6 is currently in development, though platforms or a release date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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