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GTA 6 Could Cut Content for DLC in Order to Meet 2024 Release – Report

It’s no secret that Rockstar Games is currently working on Grand Theft Auto 6. Thanks to a massive leak last year that released early development footage of the game, the cat’s out of the bag and we now know that GTA 6 is well on its way. A new rumour suggests that in order to meet the reportedly tight holiday 2024 release window, Rockstar Games will have to cut some content to package it as DLC.

The report originates from reliable Rockstar insider Tez2 who has a solid track record of leaks. According to the leaker, Rockstar is targeting a holiday 2024 release window for GTA 6 but it could easily slip into early 2025 as well. Considering how long the game has been in development and its ambitious scope, it’s unlikely that Rockstar executives and publisher Take-Two Interactive can afford further delays.

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“I don’t think the upper management is in a position to delay further to holiday 2025/2026,” wrote Tez2. “Cutting more portions of the game to package into DLCs to release later on may be sustainable for management than delaying further.”

Naturally some fans are concerned about the extent of cut content and what could potentially be removed from GTA 6‘s base experience to be sold as DLC at a later stage. This practice isn’t exactly uncommon in the gaming industry but for a game as large as GTA 6, these are perfectly valid concerns to raise, especially if we don’t know what price Take-Two Interactive will charge for the DLC.

The massive GTA 6 leak last year showed the game’s development build but it seems like most systems were either already in place or being tested in the footage. A holiday 2024 release window isn’t out of the question and it’s possible that we’ll even get an official reveal sometime this year. As with all reports and rumours, take this with a pinch of salt.

Source: Reddit

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