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GTA 6 Covers Two Time Periods Set in 1985 and Modern Day Era – Report

A new bunch of GTA 6 details have come to light. Keep in mind that like all GTA 6 rumours, you should not believe them at all until Rockstar announces the game or officially shares details on the project. People will do anything for clicks and likes on the internet and sharing GTA 6 rumours is a no-brainer for attention. The latest bunch of information comes from a so-called GTA 6 “insider” who claims to know what era the game is set in.

According to the leak, GTA 6 will follow in GTA V’s footsteps and revolve around three playable characters in the story mode. In addition, the game’s story will focus on two eras. The game reportedly spans five chapters and is divided across two eras.

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The first two chapters are set in 1985 and chapters 3-5 are then set in the modern era. What “modern era” means in this context isn’t clear yet. We don’t know if the game is set in the 2020s or early 2010s or even the 2000s. The leaker obviously didn’t back this modern era claim up with any sort of concrete information.

The insider says that GTA 6 has been in development since 2012 when it entered pre-production. It then went into full development in 2014. The game spans a series of cities including Vice City, Liberty City, South America, Havana and Chicago.

The report further goes on to explain that the release of GTA V remaster was mainly released to test the current-gen hardware running Rockstar’s game engine. Especially to test the SSD. GTA 6 was originally meant to be announced in 2020 but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the game.

The leak also claims that the teaser will be released in the next three months. However, an official announcement is not set yet.

I would really take this information with a pinch of salt for now. This leak sounds more like a “what I want GTA 6 to be” list. Not to mention the most obvious mentions of GTA 6 only releasing on the current generation of consoles. The leak also mentions GTA V remaster being a “test” for current hardware. I highly doubt Rockstar is going to use the same version of their engine to make GTA 6. Developers also don’t need to “test” a console by releasing a game. They have dev kits to do this.

Until Rockstar announces the game, don’t believe what you read online. All we know is that GTA VI is coming. Rockstar confirmed the news a few weeks back but at the same time, didn’t share any information on the project whatsoever.

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