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GTA 6 Gameplay Leaks Online Showing Off Game World, Shootouts and More

GTA 6 has leaked online. This morning, dozens of gameplay videos and screenshots are appearing all over the internet after a hacker managed to find his way into Rockstar’s Slack client and steal confidential videos, files and images of the anticipated open-world game. There’s a lot to unpack with this GTA 6 leak too including over 30 minutes of gameplay taken from in-game cinematics, missions and more.

While at first, the gameplay leak looks suspect, there is a lot happening in these clips that give away the game. For example, things like Redwood Cigerretes can be seen in the clip where the female main character robs the diner. There are also a few signs of LifeInvader around the game which is another iconic GTA brand.

Of course, all these gameplay clips are taken from a debug version of the game so NPCs don’t have official skins yet, the animations are a little wonky and there’s definitely a lack of polish throughout the footage. However, this is our first unofficial look at real GTA 6 gameplay and we never thought we would get to see it this early in its development cycle. So lets’ break these clips down.

These clips will likely be copyright hit in the next few hours so enjoy them while you can.

UPDATE – Added another 30-minute clip. This one shows a lot of animation testing. Best to skim through it before YouTube takes it offline

The first clip shows an NPC conversation between the main character and some trailer park dweller. In the clip, they discuss the LifeInvader app where the NPC comments on Jay Norris “downloading your brain” and “sell it to the Chinese”. The player comments on Jay Norris’ death, which took place back in GTA V.

The next clip is a brief look at the game’s weather system. Specifically the rain. We can see the pavements getting wet as well as the reflections from the characters and objects around it.

Here’s a clip of the female lead character aiming backwards in her car. Most likely showing a new camera system in GTA 6 where the player can shoot out of the back window.

Here’s a clip of the main male lead character being shot after hunkering down behind a car.

This clip shows the thing we all love doing the most in GTA 6 – beating up random people. The player is seen walking up to a random NPC and punching them in the face. The NPC then says “you do not have to do this” before running off saying “screw you” after the player punches her.

Here’s a clip of the player swimming in the ocean. Nothing special to see here.

In this clip we see the player driving on a highway in a red pickup. He then tries to make a jump through a TV frame but crashes. The car then respawns.

Here is a clip of the female lead character walking around with a different hairstyle. Her skirt definitely has some pretty impressive fabric physics.

In this clip we see the player climb out of the window of the car and use the roof as support to hold his weapon. This is likely a new feature in GTA 6 too.

Here is a clip of the running and walking animations in GTA 6 and how they seamlessly go from one to the other.

Lastly, in this three-minute clip, we can see the female lead holding up a diner. She aims at the NPCs and walks around before hearing the cops in the distance. This is likely the best clip out of the bunch. It shows off the interior design of the diner including the highly-detailed assets. She also walks outside and we get to see some of the exterior map before hijacking a police car and driving off. Note – this is a YouTube clip so it won’t be around for long.

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