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GTA 6 Logo Supposedly Leaked On Twitch

GTA 6 logo has supposedly been leaked on Twitch but it seems that the suggestive leak was proven fake just as quickly. The logo popped up on Twitch and was noted by GTA speedrunner Dark Viper but as pointed out by a keen-eyed Twitter user, the logo wasn’t quite what it seemed.

Twitch pulls logos for games and content from but the platform is open which means that anyone really can edit and mess with images on the website.

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The logo itself leans into the belief that GTA 6 will be set again in Miami as was the case in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The logo has the same neon pink glow as Vice City and overall offers a glamorous 80’s Miami vibe with palm trees in the background.

When the logo popped up on Twitch many fans believed that this was Rockstar’s super-secret way of teasing what we can expect from the upcoming GTA 6 – which we know is in active development – including a possible confirmation that the rumoured Vice City location was in fact going to be a reality.

Though a keen-eyed Twitter user has seemingly proven this to be utter folly as he notes that the palm tree-laden background is actually a random stock image – something that Rockstar probably wouldn’t use in an official piece of artwork. Further he notes that Twitch pulls images from which we mentioned can be edited by almost anyone – again, not likely a place Rockstar would put their first image of an official logo. You can have a look at the images below and judge for yourself.

GTA 6 Leaked Fake Logo GTA 6 leaked Fake Logo Stock

Users on Twitter have also noted a few key issues with the artwork. While it could be a change in direction for Rockstar, the logo here doesn’t feature the same mosaic-style images in the background of the artwork. Another noticeable problem is that the palm trees in “VI” don’t line up with the trees in the background – a minor issue, sure, but it’s something Rockstar doesn’t usually mess up on.

GTA 6 has been confirmed by Rockstar and is reported to be revealed later this year as it has “reached an important internal milestone” according to leaker Chris Klippel. GTA 6 is reportedly going to cover two periods of time namely 1985 and a modern-day era – which would further fuel the fire to the image above.

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