Rockstar Updates GTA 6 Websites Ahead of Rumoured Announcement

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Rockstar Updates GTA 6 Websites Ahead of Rumoured Announcement

Yesterday we reported on the news that GTA VI could be announced this week. At first, the rumours were hard to believe but it seems that Rockstar Games might actually reveal the game this week after all. The developer and publisher have updated its GTA 6 websites giving us the impression that these leaks and rumours may indeed be true. Grand Theft Auto VI could be announced as late as tomorrow, emphasis on the “could”.

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Rockstar Games has updated a few of its websites with domain names such as “GTA VI” and “GTA 6” which used to redirect to the official Grand Theft Auto site or Rockstar Games’ official website. Now, when you visit the links it takes you to an error message as if the sites are not live yet.

Reddit users checked the update log and it shows that Rockstar made changes to their site yesterday. This could be scheduled maintenance or something even bigger. It all sounds too coincidental that rumours of the GTA VI announcement would start popping up with a 25 March reveal date and Rockstar update their websites during the same week.

All the leaks and rumours point to a 25 March 2020 reveal which is today. If Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to be announced, it will happen late this evening. “IF” they do reveal it that is.

As for the game itself, there’s a lot of information swirling around about it. Users claim GTA 6 will be a timed PS5 exclusive set in Vice City during the 80s. The game will launch with a robust GTA Online experience where players can play as cops and citizens. Other previous rumours claim that the game will have a revamped driving and parkour system too.

All we can do now is wait and see if all these leaks and rumours are true. Until then, take this with a pinch of salt. We will update you as soon as we know more.

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