GTA Cheat Creator Gets Slammed With A $150 000 Damages Bill
GTA Cheat
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Remember the old saying “cheaters never prosper“? An American who was responsible for creating a GTA cheat has learned this lesson the hard way and has to pay the publisher a whopping $150 000 for damages.

Take-Two Interactive Software (parent company of Rockstar Games) has been granted a default judgment by a New York federal court, against a man who created a GTA cheat tool. The judgment requires Florida-based, Jhonny Perez to pay Take-Two Interactive an amount of $150 000 in copyright infringement damages.

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The judgment found that the GTA cheat that was created for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), caused “irreparable harm” to the copyrights of Take-Two Interactive regarding its GTA franchise. On top of the $150 000 in damages, Jhonny Perez was also ordered to pay $66 868 in attorney’s fees. Furthermore, Jhonny Perez has been ordered to cease all current cheating activities and is prevented from any future interference with GTA.

Jhonny Perez was found to be the creator behind a cheat tool called “Elusive”. The tool let players cheat in GTA V and also gave players the ability to mess with other players’ gameplay, ruining the game for some. The tool was taken offline last year, after Take-Two Interactive filed its lawsuit against Jhonny Perez. Before being taken offline, the tool sold for between $10 and $30, depending on the package purchased.

Take-Two Interactive successfully argued that the GTA cheat tool created by Jhonny Perez caused the company to suffer severe losses, which it estimated amounting to at least $500 000.

Take-Two Interactive hopes that this judgment will be a deterrence against other GTA cheaters and cheat creators. But, Take-Two Interactive isn’t stopping there when it comes to taking GTA cheat creators to court. The company has filed a few other lawsuits against suspected cheaters and GTA cheat creators in America and in other countries.

Apparently, this is the biggest amount in damages ever granted in a case involving a game cheat creator.






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